Smart Home

     Home sweet home. It is your fortress. It is where you find your piece and harmony. Have your home listen to your voice, follow your gestures and feel your fingertips. We can bring award winning smart technology to your home and offer ready to deploy adaptive integration into your existing system. We introduce the "everything connected" concept where we bring to your home the human like senses (hearing, sight, touch and smell). Your home can now connect to a satellite and find you on the map. It can listen and interpret the weather forecast. Having a surveillance module able to detect motion movement at your driveway and follow your steps into your home. It can also sense smoke, detect water and most importantly it can take action when you are not at home.  

Home Entertainment

     Home Theater Systems is our expertise, we specialize in installation of all your home theatre components. Whether it is from a simple wall mount TV, multi-room audio or the Full Home Theater experience, we can provide expert installation at an affordable price. Fixabit will install a TV over the fire place to a fully functional and automated system with zoned lighting.  It doesn't matter whether you are big family or a small business; if you are a high end consumer or a complete entertainment enthusiast, we can find a home theater package to fit your needs. For any property owner, home theater installation is vital in turning your house into a home. 

Landscape Lighting



     At Fixabit, we know security and we take it extremely serious. Our qualified team can design and deploy a system based on your ideas and imagination armed with state of the art sensory technology backed by our long experience in the security field. We take it a notch further by letting your home choose to engage random lighting throughout to simulate presence while you are away. For an added layer of protection we use all around loud speakers working in conjunction with interior and exterior colored LED and flood lighting acting as a deterrent and alarming your neighborhood in case of potential intrusion. 


     Put speakers where you want them. The more rooms and speakers the better. Stream all your music or even movies via Wifi throughout your entire home while improving the intensity and clarity of every moment. Have an Alexa? We can now integrate your echo or dot into your house, giving you the ability to play a song by voice or ask about the weather for tomorrow morning.

     In the IT world, the term "Networking" defines the design, the construction and the use of a network and all its components to achieve a common goal – Communication. In our world the term "Networking" is wrapped in a bundle and redefined to fit within one simple concept: "Your reliability is your success."


We offer home and business networking solutions within the realm of:

Wide area and local area networks

     WANs and LANs designed and constructed by utilizing copper and fiber optic transmission mediums. We design, build and maintain networking suitable for any environment in a home and business settings. Our partnership with the most awarded brands in the industry guarantees our unsurpassed quality and high reliability.

High speed internet

     Guaranteed throughout large properties, wired and wireless networks should remain high speed. We not only beat the clock between the walls, we can transmit your data miles away.

Structured wiring

     We do future homes and also post-wire integration in a finished property.

Access control

Audio/Video SIP-enabled Intercoms, Door Locks/Release, RFID readers, Telephone entry systems

Home Automation

     Wired in. Insteon. Z-wave. Zigbee. Bluetooth. Wi-Fi. We have our favorites but we work with all.

Video Surveillance

     CCTV, IP. We work with internationally known and award-winning brands to build new or expand and upgrade existing surveillance solutions.


     Natural light from the outside and artificial light from fixtures can be adjusted to an individual's taste, time of day and activities through the control system. We work with new and existing landscapes. From lighting the beautiful details of your home to inviting and enhancing effects in your backyard, patio and/or pool area. Having any lighting automation system can enhance the enjoyment and enrich property value. Fixabit will be there for you to bring your property an elegant but yet unique appearance.